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Website redesign Huntsville Alabama: 11 reasons Why you should redesign your web site

Does your website reflect your company's objective? Is your website layout and color scheme consistent with your logo and product offering? Is your website user friendly? Have you changed your website content within the last 12 months? Does your website indicate your company's new logo or new products or services offering? Is your website generating sufficient traffic per day? If you answer no to these questions then you are due for a website redesign. website redesign huntsville alWith the fast pace of business and with increase competition online, it is wise to redesign your website every two years, to reinvent yourself, if you will. Perhaps, you built your website using a template instead of a professional designer, perhaps your web designer is no longer responsive to your request to make necessary changes to your site. Whatever it is, having a professional looking website that is user-friendly, that communicates to the user the real value of your products or services is vital to having a successful online operation. Here are 11 reasons why you should redesign your website

  1. Increase your search engine ranking by making your website search engine friendly
  2. Increase your business by increasing your traffic
  3. Your website is your face online. Give your face a facelift
  4. Add pages to reflect new products and services
  5. Increase the speed of your website to create a more fulfilling user experience
  6. Make it easier for users to communicate with you
  7. Make it easier for user to buy your products online
  8. Improve your website reputation
  9. Make it easier for you to collect user information by storing website events in a database
  10. Get a competitive edge
  11. Improve the amount of time users spend on your website
So, if you are not satisfied with the results of your website, or if your web designer is not responsive to your request give HUNTSVILLE PR a call for a free consultation on website redesign. At HUNTSVILLE PR our main goal is to increase the value of your website: to make your website look attractive, while at the same time making it search engine friendly. What more, we do that at a fraction of the cost.