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Web Security Against Hackers

web security hackers spy preventingIn designing web sites with available resources and tools excessive care should be taken for securing the site. The site should be spam free and also should not provide any clue to the hackers. The web masters should take necessary steps to prevent hacking. Usually the hackers use Trojan or some other software to spam the contents and extract the site. In case of social websites the hackers try to collect the private information of any person. The users must check their personal computers for viruses and must know the privacy policy of the website before giving personal information. The most common hacking method is e mail hacking. Hackers make use of key logger programs to tract the password of the users and some of the key logger soft wares are win spy monitor, real time spy, spy agent stealth and spy anywhere. These are the most commonly used key logger programs. They are installed through remote administration tools and it is hidden from the user. This program traces the key inputs to find out the password. Another common method to steal bank logins and passwords is through phishing scam. In this spoofed page is created where the user is asked to enter the details and is stolen. Some hackers make use of Nigerian scams, lottery scams for trapping innocent people through catchy mails and just leaving the people in trouble. People should be well aware of it and avoid these stuffs. The web masters and the users of the site should take preventive steps to safeguard themselves and their personal information being hacked. The information that is published through webcasting should be maintained private. There are certain steps to be carried to prevent hacking. The users should scan the files before downloading from mail and also maintain the system free from viruses. Users must change their login details whenever feasible and they also prevent using public or shared computers. Users must avoid responding to phishing mails asking for details and must visit trusted sites by typing the URL in address bar of the browser. These are the common techniques followed by the hackers and the preventive measures to protect details. Awareness about hacking should be spread to all web users so that hacking and cyber crimes face decline and comes to zero in future.

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