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Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

The website for a small business owner is the central hub for the company and is an essential part in marketing and branding. Potential customers will visit your website especially when it has good content that suits its appearance and for the easy availability of your services. Having a wrong web design could have a negative impact on the business. You can just go through the five most common web design mistakes that small business owners should avoid to grow their business and to create an impressive user experience.Website design mistakes to avoid 1. Navigation Not User Friendly Most of the small businesses face the problem of poor navigation as they fail to make navigation priority. A good navigation structure should be seamless and the visitors must not have to keep searching in your site. Navigation of your website affects its usability as well as accessibility. Moreover what is more important is to make a primary concern among your visitors. Follow certain principles to create an effective navigation structure such like using icons to aid navigation, create logical groups of related links, provide location information, etc. 2. Color Coordination Background and foreground color are not given high priority by the small business websites although it is actually necessary. People find it difficult to read the contents due to poor color and contrast combination. Therefore suitable color and contrast is necessary to create visual interest and to direct the attention of the user. Here you need to pay attention on some essential principles when designing your website. Use color contrast tools, such as Color Scheme Designer, to conduct research how major sites improve readability and highlight the specific sections by using color and contrast, create size difference between the elements, make some text and things appear larger than others, etc. 3. No Call to Action: Lack of clear call to action is another common error in small business websites. Driving traffic to the website is necessary which his often impossible without sea of text. Call-to-action buttons are the key to higher conversations which offer a great way to grab user’s attention. Designing call to action using simple elements like size, shape, color and position and not making the users think or work is the best practice when creating optimal call to action. 4. Content not Relevant Enough Content is one of the most important aspects of the website. People visit websites for its content. How the content is structured is a huge factor in the success or failure of the website. White space is an important factor to be considered when arranging the content so that the user can focus on meaningful content. Breaking lengthy sentences of information, utilizing headings and sub-headings, bullets, numbering, paragraphs, block quotes, etc make the content impressive. Readable content is important. Grammar and spellings should be properly checked. 5. Avoid Clutter A cluttered websites affects the traffic as visitors won’t return if they cannot follow the content as unable to understand. Clutter also applies to images. Images should be used to capture attention, illustrate and to guide the user. De-cluttering is essential to direct traffic towards the website.

Here are other things small business should consider

Having a business website can offer you an online presence. A website is launched to create web presence for a new business. However it is quite a long and painstaking process to have your website running online. Freelancers, designers, consultants and firms can help you in building an effective business website. Developing a website is process that needs proper outline to work in a certain direction. Here are some tips regarding the dos and don’ts when building small business website. Web Hosting needs Define how much web space you really need. If you do not require huge web space which you might not use entirely then make a wise decision in deciding about the space in web hosting. This can save your money by selecting ideal web host as per your requirement. Buy one get one free - not for your business Never get cheated in quality of the product. Many web companies cheat by offering enticing deals. Getting free pages does not happen in reality. The website is your company’s online appearance and so it should be developed as per the specifications. Do not compromise your website or else you might have to compromise with your business popularity. Have a web design plan Before you begin with web designing for your company be clear about the web host, content, layout and domain name. These fields affect your cost and must be well prepared before you start designing the website. Avoid comparison, stick with your niche All businesses are different and so are their needs and requirement. Comparing your website with other business websites is not a wise thing. Be aware of differences in business. Think for what your provider is doing for your business website. Simple website design is better Design your website simple and sober. Website should be easy by use for the visitors and should be easy to navigate. Make the website user-friendly or else you might lose valuable clients. Make your presence via marketing Millions of websites are available on the internet. It is important to market your website so that people will notice the same. You need proper marketing plan and strategy to enjoy optimum benefits of the web. Set clear goals Your website is your assent. Restrict your deadlines and work to achieve them. Clear vision and time management can help you achieve your target. Design the web site accordingly so that it helps achieve target or specified goal. Create weekly progress chart so as to measure the achievements towards the goal targeted. Responsiveness Give timely feedback to the developers. Website is an important business tool. Developers put their creativity in the website and it is your duty to provide feedback to the developers. Tell them about the needful changes in the website you need. There are no rules and regulations for developing perfect websites. There are no rules in website planning as well. It is solely dependant on your target audience. The guidelines listed above will definitely help you develop good website. These will help you specify essential points for planning and developing a website and to start a new venture. Provide specific presence to your website and get increased traffic.