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I recently had a customer who wanted to promote a shed plans website. It is interesting to see how far online commerce has come. Every niche item if marketed properly can generate good money, perhaps even make you rich. A search for shed plans in Google had a result of 1,680,000. This tells me that there are quite a few entrepreneurs marketing shed plans on the internet, and with the economy as it is, most people would prefer to purchase their materials from a place like Home Depot and build their shed themselves. The first few listing in Google revealed that most of the shed plans websites are promoting affiliate marketing products that are promoted through Click Bank. Interestingly, the first website on the first page is hosting on, something you do not usually see, but the owners of the site seem to have place a lot of effort into it. Information from the web archive shows that this domain is only 3 years old, younger than most of the others on page one. shed designs storage shed plans

My strategy for optimizing this shed plans website is four fold. 1. Optimize the content on the front page by adding more relevant shed plans related keywords 2. Add latest articles on the front page 3. Post articles (with embedded links towards customers website) on a few highly ranked websites 4. Created content rich shed plans article for article directories
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About Shed Plans

Whether you need an 8x8, 10x12, 12x12, 12x16 or bigger shed for storing your garden or tools and equipment, there are shed plans provided by which you can use to design and build your own storage shed. Upon deciding the dimension of your garden or storage shed you will need to review shed plans that meet your requirements. An 8x8 for small tools will be easier to build that a 12x16 for multiple use. Whether or not you can do it alone will be determine by the roofing you desire and the complexity of the plan. If you are not familiar with carpentry tools it would be better to settle for a simple wood shed plan. Before embarking on the project check with you city's zoning department to get an update on the statue related to building on your property and how large you can build your shed before you will need a permit. Once you have the specification, go to you community building material outlet, such as lowes or Home Depot to purchase your material. If you have questions can help you answer any questions you may have. Also, the folks at Home Depot will be eager to help. Materials for a simple 10x12 shed will cost you about $800 and will take about one to three days depending on the tools you have and how comfortable you are using them. Building your own storage or garden shed yourself will give you joy, knowing that it is a product of your own making.