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Seclusive article websites for immense backlinks to increase page rank and traffic

building page rank with articles submissionIt is a well known fact in the Internet world that the more links that are pointing to your website from other people websites (providing they are valuable websites with little spam and populated with original content) is the higher your page rank and thus, a natural increase in traffic. This is not some rocket science creation, this is the same pattern of things that occurs in the brick and motor world. In the real world, every person who talks positive about you or your business help to increase the goodwill and equity or perceived value of your business. If a popular individual, a trustworthy public official or someone regarded as respectable and prudent were to refer someone to your business or make a positive comment about it, that inference would increase the perceive value of your business and eventually add to more foot traffic. The same is true in the online world as well. All links are important. They are just like "word of mouth", but links coming from older, higher ranking sites are of higher value than links from new outfits that are less trustworthy and seldom visited. Links are your online "word of mouth" and posting articles with your link within on other people sites help you to increase your "word or mouth" while increasing your page rank concurrently.

Page Rank Explained

So before I relay some of the good sites to add articles to and get back links, let me explain how PageRank works. PageRank is a value from 1 to 10 that designates how valuable a web page is on the web. It was formulated by Google. Google figures that when one page links to another, it is effectively casting a vote of confidence for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a web page, the more important the web page must be. In addition, the importance of the page that is casting the vote ( how old is the page, the traffic to the page and the page PageRank) determines how important the vote itself is. Google calculates a page's importance from the vote of confidence for it. How important each vote is is taken into account when a page's PageRank is calculated. Google does this vote of confidence calculation process for both internal and external links, so links within your site is important as well. Internal linking will also help search engines identify the pages on your site. One caveat: Keep the links on your internal pages to a reasonable number (fewer than 100) as explained in Google Webmaster Tools. Graph Showing how PageRank is calculated how pagerank is added

Good Ranking Sites to Submit Articles with DO Follow Links This website accepts articles with a wide array of topics. It indexes well in Google and articles normally show up in 1st to 3rd page This site has a Wordpress platform and allows posting on any topic This is a newspaper site from Jacksonville, Florida. It has an open blog. Be careful as spam and stolen articles will get you banned. So post original content of interest. This website is an article site created with Wordpress. It has very few articles listed, but some of the articles are beginning to rank well. It has more of a social media format but allows you to post articles with links. It ranks very well. This site ranks well and many articles shows up on 1st and 2nd page in Google. It also issues points per article visited which you can redeem BIBLE PR Only family oriented guest post can be submitted I have seen this site show up on Google for some of my searches, so I have commence posting original articles to it. This is a good one. Some of my competitors are using it religiously. I have posted a few articles on it. Good results. Izania is a site dedicated to African American issues. It ranks well. I must warn you: information must be relevant. It also has a forum, providing an added avenue for you to get back links. Again, relevancy. This is a small outfit in Huntsville Alabama. The site has few posting, however, it is about 5 years old and ranking outlook is good This site relates to outdoor activities and accepts any article thus related A website related to financial issues. Authors pages are linked on the home page, thus lending added exposure and page rank to your pages This site accepts insurance articles and has a link exchange as well. Mainly health insurance articles are accepted This is a hidden one. It was made with Wordpress MU, so you can create your own separate blog or just post on the current template. I recommend the later. Only auto / car loan postings are accepted. So, there you have it. I hope this list help you take your website traffic up a notch. If you have a particular site that you post on regularly, that is less ubiquitous than the norm, please share. Post a comment below - We Do Follow