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Online strategies to attrack the ideal customers for your small business

Small businesses have a remarkable opportunity to market their products and services via the use of cost-effective online marketing / digital media. However, a recent industry survey revealed that only 6 percent of small businesses use search engine optimization, while 11 percent is engage in any form of social media campaign. Here are some things your small businesses can do to seize the opportunity and add value: 1)Select the right advertising platform for your business Google, Yahoo and Bing control over 95 percent of the search market. If you have a product or service to market and you have extra marketing dollars, then CPC (cost per click) is a viable option. If you are on a limited budget, you should opt for the Bing Yahoo network. The average cost per click in the business category at Google Adwords was $1.98 compared to $0.91 at Bing. 2) Select the right keyword phrases Organic search engine ranking is vital to your success. Incorporate in website menu as well as throughout the site relevant keywords that attracted customers. Google keyword tool can give you some valuable insights into related keywords and Google trends can pinpoint the current hot topics within your industry. 3) Select the right target market or segment Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are all fantastic, but the amount of time spent on these platforms should depend on the type of products you are offering and the customers you desire to attract. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram have more of a hang out connectivity while LinkedIn is geared towards B2B networking. 4) Use Video Videos are a great social media tool. Youtube videos that are properly optimized and promoted can ranked high in search results. A study by social media outfit Zuum found that videos are shared 11 percent of the time verses less than 3 percent for regular links and under 7 percent for photos. Include your website link in the content area of your video and embed phone numbers and "unique Selling Propositions" in you annotation or caption. Once you institute a good online strategy, it is then important to keep track of your progress and the effectiveness of that strategy. Create a Google Webmaster account to keep track of the health of your website pages. Open a Google Analytics account to gauge how well you are performing for key-phrases. HUNTSVILLE PR can incorporate a custom PHP script to capture demographics data from visitors from your site. This data can be used in crystallizing a better marketing and promotion program.