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How to extract email address from a string using preg_match in php

Ever wanted to extract or scrap an email from a string or some content without using simple html dom or a parser such as LIB_parse.php. If you are creative enough you can incorporated this into a function that goes from one URL to the next extracting

Website redesign Huntsville Alabama: 11 reasons Why you should redesign your web site

Does your website reflect your company's objective? Is your website layout and color scheme consistent with your logo and product offering? Is your website user friendly? Have you changed your website content within the last 12 months? Does your w

Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

The website for a small business owner is the central hub for the company and is an essential part in marketing and branding. Potential customers will visit your website especially when it has good content that suits its appearance and for the ea

How Websites Make Profits? - EBay Businesses

Websites like Google and E-bay provide us with a hell lot of information, beyond our imaginations. Whatever you need from cooking recipe to Nobel Prize winning graphene mono layered carbon. All the information is available in depth and there is nothi

How to copy a table in phpmyadmin

If you dabble with phpmyadmin as much as I do, then you know how just a few simple codes can make work much easier. There are two ways to copy a table in phpmyadmin. The first way is to make a dump copy of your table (export table) and then import

SEO on Huntsville Hair Restoration Clinic Laser Hair Transplant Website

Recently I had the opportunity to do some search engine optimization (SEO) for one of Alabama's best hair restoration clinic. Steve Latham Hair Transplant Clinic is great clinic with cutting edge laser hair transplant techniques such as Long Strand H

How to change tinymce default font or text size

Everyone has a favorite text editor, but my favorite is Tinymce; it is simple and I love simplicity. However, like everything else, nothing is never 100 percent. The only drawback with Tinymce is the default text / font size of its html editor. The f

How to add javascript confirmation prompt to delete button in php

If you have created back-end for your clients to add, edit and delete content it would be prudent to add a confirmation prompt. This will ask the editor whether or not he/ she is serious about deleted the mysql row. This is used as a precaution as th

How to extract images from html content in php and display excerpt

There are many ways of extracting an image from content with php, but recently I was working on a project and I wanted an easy way to extract without too much work, too much coding, that is. The idea was to access a database and display content in

How to create more than one random id for mysql query

I was recently working on a site constructed with php / mysql. I was generating data from a table with more than 80,000 rows. The mysql query was set up like this $result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM table WHERE content != '' AND id = RAND() LIM