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How to Convert Zen cart database to Opencart

I have built eCommerce websites using both Zen cart and Opencart. Both have their plus and minuses. I prefer Opencart because of the ease of use and quick back-end navigation. If you need help to changing from Zen cart to Opencart here is a step b

Setting php Mail Bounce Email Return Path on Godaddy Shared Hosting

A spent quit a while going thought, and looking for a solution on how to set return path for mail on Godaddy shared hosting accounts. I saw that a few responses to inquiries on the Godaddy forum did not provi

How to deal with bad url or html link in simple html dom parser

Simple html dom parser is truly a simple script to parse website data that you can quickly post into perhaps a mysql table. However, when you are parsing large amount of data the parser can come across urls that are bad or just non existent. This

How to extract of scrap url from string using regex preg_match

Are you working on a url scraping project? Here is a quick way to extract urls from string using preg_match in php. Very simple. You can incorporate it into a function, etc if(preg_match("/[a-z]+:\/\/\S+/",$article,$matches)){ foreach($matches a

How to extract email address from a string using preg_match in php

Ever wanted to extract or scrap an email from a string or some content without using simple html dom or a parser such as LIB_parse.php. If you are creative enough you can incorporated this into a function that goes from one URL to the next extracting

How to extract phone number from string in php preg_match

If you dabble a bit with php, particularly website scraping and database management, it is likely you came across a project where removing phone numbers from a string was critical to variables neatly placed in a database. Here is a simple way to extr

Starting a Small Business? These resources are vital to success

As a web developer I come across customers who need and use different types of services to remain successful in there business. Off course, there are a whole list of services one has to use if one has a business, but there are some that are vital to

shed plans seo - Search Engine optimization for shed plans

I recently had a customer who wanted to promote a shed plans website. It is interesting to see how far online commerce has come. Every niche item if marketed properly can generate good money, perhaps even make you rich. A search for shed plans in

Website Redesign for Golf Concierge Service

I recently finished a project to redesign a golf concierge service website: and that was really fun. Golfers, I mean people who really love golf, pay that extra buck to play on that special course or to attend a golfin

Website redesign Huntsville Alabama: 11 reasons Why you should redesign your web site

Does your website reflect your company's objective? Is your website layout and color scheme consistent with your logo and product offering? Is your website user friendly? Have you changed your website content within the last 12 months? Does your w