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Untold Secrets: How To Double Your Customer Base With A SuccessfulInstagram Contest

Every brand is trying different ways to promote its product on Instagram, which is the fastest growing social networking site in the world. If Instagram marketing is a part of your online campaign, then you should try this - launch contests on Instag

How to change cakephp pagination to bootstrap pagination

Cakephp has a really reliable pagination system. However, somethings you may desire to style you pagination a little differently, perhaps with some bootstrap markup. Here are some simple steps you can follow to change your cakephp pagination to a boo

Choosing the Best E-commerce Package

In today’s world where individuals would opt to purchase the necessary products and services that they need online, it can be a highly lucrative to venture in an online business. Along with the increasing demand for e-commerce based platfor

Huntsville Commercial real estate website using RETS, CakePHP and Twitter Bootstrap

Just completed a Commercial real estate website for one of my Huntsville, Alabama clients. The site was built for the Leading Edge Real Estate Group. The site was built with cakePHP giving the user a wide array of options for built in plugins and too

Setting up CakePHP for multiple sites in xampp

CakePHP is one of the top open-source PHP MVC application frameworks for building robust website application quickly. Having at least a rudimentary understand of MVC is important to building websites with Cake. Many php developers use xampp to bui

10 Reasons Why Every Realtor Broker Needs a Website

There are some really effective online portals that give realtors the opportunity to have their properties published on many websites with just the click of the button. For instance, most of the over 2000 ValleyMLS realtors have their properties publ

Online strategies to attrack the ideal customers for your small business

Small businesses have a remarkable opportunity to market their products and services via the use of cost-effective online marketing / digital media. However, a recent industry survey revealed that only 6 percent of small businesses use search engine

How to remove bad links from blogs and static pages

From time to time one may need to remove bad links from a website to improve useability and SEO. Bad links can eventuate to loss sales or bad user experience. Therefore, removing bad links should be in the interest of every website owner. However, if

How to add a Blog into OpenCart E-commerce platform

In my opinion OpenCart is one of the best FREE e-commerce platforms out there. However, with content being crucial to SEO one needs a blog or a way of integrating rich content into OpenCart websites. If you already have a wordpress blog but will like

Checking your website safety from cyber attacks

There are over 600 million websites on the online web - a web heavy laden with hackers. With the internet becoming the most frequently used modal for doing business and general communication, it is important that website owners understand how vital i