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Baking with cakePHP 3.0 in xampp

If you work with cakePHP you will realize that there are some differences between the 2.0 and 3.0 and a small learning curve. Here are the simple steps to baking with cakephp 3.0 IN Xampp Get to the command prompt via xampp control panel Do

cakePHP text message and email function in appcontroller

If you are using your application or website to send emails or text messages from different controllers, it would be easier for you to set this up just once in the appcontroller and then call these function from any controller. In your appcontroll

CakePHP tips and tricks

// CREATE SLUG Inflector::pluralize($singular) other purposes: camelize, underscore, humanize, tablesize, classify, variable, slug // HTTP REQUEST App::uses('HttpSocket', 'Network/Http'); $HttpSocket = new HttpSocket(); // STRING QUERY GET

How to create Multi-level navigational menu with CakePHP

Here is a simple way to create a multi-level navigational menu in cakePHP. First create a mysql table: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `menus` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `title` varchar(150) DEFAULT NULL, `title_slug` varchar(170) DEFAULT NULL, `c

4 ways to fix cakePHP column or table field not showing in query

It is the simple things that sometimes consume most of you time on certain projects. It can be quite irritating trying to figure out why a simple issue like why a field that is clearly in the mysql table does not show up in the results of a simple qu

cakePHP plugin for a custom shopping cart: Installed in 5 minutes is one of the most respected payment systems on the web and if you feel for an upgrade from paypal, it is one of the best alternative. So here is a quick way to create an plugin for your cakePHP website. 1. Create a mys

Installing cakePHP 3.0 on xampp using composer

Here is a quick way to install cakePHP in xampp using composer Download cakePHP 3.0 Log in to the shell of xampp Change directory to htdocs # cd htdocs Install composer to your xampp # php -r "readfile('

Cakephp admin only image upload option in Ckeditor Form

There are times when both admin and regular users will use the same form; for example, in a blog post comment form. Due to securities concerns admin may want access to image upload or other ckeditor plugin on the form, but concurrently prevent reg

Using Jpgraph with Cakephp

If you are looking for a graph, math or geometry plugin for Cakephp, then Jpgraphs is a great option. First, download Jpgraphs. Create a folder in your app/vendor directory called jpgraph and upload the contents of src folder into it. In the co

Untold Secrets: How To Double Your Customer Base With A SuccessfulInstagram Contest

Every brand is trying different ways to promote its product on Instagram, which is the fastest growing social networking site in the world. If Instagram marketing is a part of your online campaign, then you should try this - launch contests on Instag