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Huntsville, AL - Over 1 month ago an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 devastated the country of Haiti. The death toll has been estimated at 300,000 with an estimated two million people homeless. To date more than 25 million liters of safe drinkin

3 Good Sites to Buy Alabama Crimson Tide Gameday Tickets

You can buy Alabama Crimson Tide game day tickets at Roll Tide, Stub Hub!, Ticket City. They are also available in Sport & Concerts, Sports Traveler, TickCo, and Game Day Events. Alabama Crimson Tide game day tickets sell fast as much as Alaba

4 Reasons of Hiring a Marketing Writer for a Thriving Business

There’s no exception when it comes to companies having a marketing writer. The reasons for this are that he provides sales and marketing materials, he reaches out to the customers, he informs what benefits the customer can accumulate and his work

4 ways to Learn Web Design and Web Development in Huntsville Alabama

If you are an aspiring techie or you just want to learn more about web design and web development, or perhaps you just want to learn how to promote your business online, there are a number of groups and organizations in Huntsville to help you through

Seclusive article websites for immense backlinks to increase page rank and traffic

It is a well known fact in the Internet world that the more links that are pointing to your website from other people websites (providing they are valuable websites with little spam and populated with original content) is the higher your page rank an

How to automatically add Google ads in the center of your wordpress post using php codes

For a long time now I have been thinking about automatically adding ads at the center of every post of my wordpress blog. I just thought that by doing this one can have greater flexibility over blog or any web site ad placement. So, recent I gave it

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Making Money through Christian Books Affiliate Program

There are thousands of affiliate marketing programs online via which many people from tech savvy teenagers, to aspiring seniors to season affiliate marketing managers make tonnes of cash, but there are a few Christian base affiliate programs through

Domain Name Registration: 8 things to look for before buying a domain name

If you are in the process of taking your business online and are considering buying a domain name for your business, it is important to consider how domain name can impact your website ranking, and yes, website traffic, before registering one for you

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Hi Guys This is the Real Deal Neal, here. I am making changes to the site from a site dedicated to news and other issues in the Alabama area to a site dedicated to its real intended purpose: to educated others about web development, seo, affiliate