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19 Questions to Ask a Web Design Company Before Paying for Web design Services

One of the key decision a small business has to make is what marketing strategy to use to increase business and create better communication with customers. With an increase number of your Huntsville customers searching online for your business and

High Paying Christian Affiliate Programs

[caption id="attachment_300" align="alignleft" width="300"] Singles of Faith Affiliate Program[/caption] Affiliate marketing has been in existence in one form or another since the beginning of time. Some Christians prefer wages than profit and thi

Small Business Guide to Affiliate Marketing Online

With online competition on the rise, small local businesses can sign up to affiliate marketing companies to drive extra traffic to their websites. The affiliate marketing is a low cost, low maintenance way for small businesses to provide that ext

9 Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

There are a host of offline promotional strategies one can use to market a website. Success will depend on the how best one implement those strategies and understanding which promotional tool works best with certain niches or target market. By car

Essential Health Huntsville OB GYN Website

I had the opportunity of working on Dr. Whitney Dunham website: Essential Health P.C.. The website is a simple and elegant one with just the how, when, what, and where of her OB GYN services. Dr. Dunham is an amazing doctor and I wanted to give the

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At HUNTSVILLE PR we were thinking of a way to have some fun and help out at the same time. So we thought of a competition where viewers can post a meaningful comment or question and have a chance at winning something cool. Anyone can participate i

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Huntsville Alabama Top City To Live Says

Huntsville Alabama has an unemployment level far below the national average, due in part to the existence of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Research Park. which published its list of top ten cities on Tuesday said that

Xampp Installation Problems and Solutions

I recently install xampp on my desktop computer and encounter a few problems which I was able to overcome. I thought I would post them here with the hope of helping someone avoid some of the dilemmas that I went through. I am doing this, also, beca