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Huntsville Computer Repair Specialist: Rocket City Computers Partners with AVG Technologies

[caption id="attachment_427" align="alignleft" width="252" caption="Rocket City Computers and AVG "]Huntsville Alabama virus malware removal computer repair[/caption] In a recent interview with Gladymir Saint-Vil founder of Rocket City Computers LLC, he was happy to announce that the company created a partnership with the anti-virus and software company AVG Technologies. "I believe in the products that AVG has to offer and the benefit of peace of mind that their software creates. I know first-hand the benefits that come from using AVG Anti-virus on my own computers. Becoming partners with AVG will allow us to provide our business and residential customers excellent virus and malware protection at a lower cost than our customers would receive if they were purchasing the software directly," says the founder. Gladymir Saint-Vil is not only the founder of Rocket City Computers but is also a certified IT Technician with many years in the field providing support to large corporations. Mr. Saint-Vil mentions, the guys at Rocket City Computers has had its share of virus, spyware and Trojan infected computers and is now known as a company with solid virus removing expertise in the Huntsville and Madison County, AL, area. People all over Madison County, AL, trust in Rocket City Computers to repair and rid their computers of harmful viruses. With thousands of viruses being created daily, it is extremely important to protect your pc with strong anti-virus software to help safeguard the valuable information stored on your computer. Computerworld Australia stated the total number of viruses will reach 1 million by 2009 and now we are more than half way through to 2010. Chief Technology Officer Paul Ducklin of Sophos PLC said about 25% of unique malware has been created in the past six months of its 20 year history. "About 85% to 90% of malware families have a fix created for them almost immediately. It is getting harder for malware writers to succeed in exploiting unsuspecting users' information because anti-virus software providers such as AVG Technologies are working around the clock create fixes for new and existing viruses. Mr. Saint-Vil also stated, "It is harder to infect a computer when the user is diligent with security and understands how to prevent attacks from succeeding. This is why we recommend AVG and take the time to explain to our customers the many benefits of using the AVG's anti-virus software on their systems. We also take the time educate our customers on how to avoid harmful links, infected email attachments, unsafe websites, etc." AVG has become a household name. The company was founded in 1991 and has offices in Europe, the US and the UK. The AVG family of security software products is distributed globally with over more than 110 million active users worldwide. Computer users must be proactive in securing their computers. You can't afford-and I mean this literally- to let hackers steal your personal, credit card and valuable information. Keep a firewall running all the time and always have a strong anti-virus and anti-malware protection running on your computer and be sure to perform updates regularly. Don't forget to visit for computer repair in Huntsville Alabama and Madison County, AL, area.