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How Websites Make Profits? - EBay Businesses

Websites like Google and E-bay provide us with a hell lot of information, beyond our imaginations. Whatever you need from cooking recipe to Nobel Prize winning graphene mono layered carbon. All the information is available in depth and there is nothing which is not available on these sites. But ever wondered how these websites earn a living? Well owner of Google is one of the richest people in the world, and how does he manage to become rich when he offers all the information for no cost? The secret lies in advertisements. These sites provide an alluring platform for companies to advertise their products in par with television and radio, actually 10 times better because it gives a global recognition and the advertisement spreads like forest fire in a few days making the product a hot shot (if the product was worth it). While Google provides us with basic info, E-bay allows us to buy and sell just anything. Small Business Affiliate Sign UpSo the sites earn money mainly through advertising. The more popular the site is the more money the client should pay to advertise his product. There are two modes in which the sites carry out this advertising process. They are PPC (Pay per Click) and Search Engine Management (SEM). Pay per Click (PPC) management involves many processes by which the client has to pay a certain amount of money for each click that his advertisement registers. If the advertisement is clicked umpteen numbers of times it gives profit not only to the site but also to the client as his product becomes famous overnight and his sales increases automatically. On the other hand if the clicks were less then no loss will occur, only the business will be slow. So PPC is a sure shot way of advertising as even if the product does not get endorsed by people no big loss will occur as the clicks would have been low. E-bay uses this technique and sells the product the client wants them to sell. The other way of advertising is through Search engines called Search Engine Advertising. This search engine advertising takes place through several ways. One is unpaid advertising in the form of images where if the user wants an information he types the key words and the site presents related content in the form of images or site URLs. Then when the user clicks the image or URL the page automatically navigates to the client site wherein the client would have advertised his product and for which no money can be collected. But there are paid advertising in which the advertisement is put in the search engines themselves thus increasing their visibility and popularity. There are tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which serve to remember the key word and supply advertisement related to the content viewed by the user. This is an advanced tool and there are more advantages in an all round manner as the user, advertiser and the site owner simultaneously get credits and it is a win-win situation all round. So such tools help develop web systems and take advertising to a new level. E-bay uses optimization to buy and sell just any product. Even your old notebook has a worth if its design is liked by someone. Such is the scenario today. These advertisement modes are used by the sites like Google which thrive on the clients money and give us stunning information’s about the most beautiful things in the world. They bring before our very eyes the wonders of nature and nature’s fury like calamities. They offer much more than search services. They give very useful products like maps with which we can track down any street with brilliant accuracy. Sites like E-bay sell their products through these modes and reap huge profits and never fail to delight the customer relationship management too. Thus they serve us in more than one ways and keep both the clients and the users happy.