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How to Create a website that your customers will love and search engines will like

customer-love-search-engine-liveIt is important that when you are creating your website that you keep both your customers and the search engine algorithm in mind. I know, I know, you are looking for a website that can draw customers to your business, increase sales leads and do more business, but for that to occur you must first have a website that is well optimized to increase your ranking and traffic in Yahoo, Bing and Google. It is all about keeping a balance. There are websites with a tonne of good content on the backdrop of a poorly designed layout and navigational infrastructure. In cases like these, even though the product offered might be wonderful, customers are likely to exit quickly. So keeping the balance between creating a website that customers will love and search engines will like is essential for online success.

What is Your Objective?

First, before jumping into the design, think about the objective of the site, the niche or market you are serving and the type of clients you desire to attract. These variables will give you a clear understanding as to website theme, layout, social media options, content formulation and customer interaction. It is important that the perception or message you intend to convey is generated by the website's architecture. Constantly reaching out to customers for feedback will allow you to obtain an improved understanding of how your online business is being conceptualized by your customers.

Ugly Websites Make Money Too

You do not have to build an expensive, budget-busting website to have one that is beautiful and easy on the eye. I have seen plain websites with proper navigation makes a boat-load of money. As long as your website is well optimized for search engine (SEO) the customers will come. Just ensure that it can captivate the vital interest of your target market by adding relevant content, appealing colors and easy add-to-cart options. For example, if you are selling GREEN products then environmentally friendly colors like green and brown is preferred.

Writing with a Purpose

You should ensure that your content is not just well written and relevant, but it should have that added spark that spurs the customer to keep reading, keep buying and stay engaged. The longer they stay on your site, you have an added opportunity to increase brand presence and loyalty. Ensure that your content gives tips about the latest ideas in your industry, show how-to's and urge the customer to get engage with your brand through comment forms, social media, and email.

Check Navigation and Menu Items

Google loves websites that have proper navigation. This is a huge aspect of good SEO practice. Customers love it, too. It helps them get around your site easily. Your main menu should answer the questions: who, when, how, what, where, and how much. You footer should have information as to additional contacts and partners offering complementary services. Deep links should have breadcrumb navigational structure for easy back and forth access. If your website is for eCommerce purposes then give your customers the option to search by brand, price, and categories.

Make Continual Assessment of Your Business

Customers needs are continually changing. Search Engine Optimization and search algorithms are continually changing. Business is changing. Keep in constant communication with your customers, stay abreast of industry trends, keep up-to-date with search changes and make adjustments to your website to cater to the dynamics in the market place. Find new avenue to advertise and draw in new customers. Try different social media strategies. If Facebook is not workout to well, give LinkedIn a try. Do videos to showcase your business in a new medium like Youtube. We live in a dynamic world!.