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Content Clusters: How To Use This New Marketing Trend To Grow Your Business

content clusters

Content marketing is one of the most effective lead generation methods — small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without. And keyword research has long been necessary to rank well, bring new visitors to your blog, and turn them into customers. However, the latest search engine algorithm updates mark a stark change for how your content should be optimized. Clusters of content that center around an overarching theme are now more valuable than stand-alone pieces targeted to specific keywords. This shift has been a gradual one and many Huntsville marketers and businesses have yet to follow suit. For Huntsville businesses looking for the edge of their competitors, now’s the perfect time to update your content marketing strategy, boost your ranking, and get seen by customers!

Becoming an industry authority

Content clustering will mark your website as a trusted industry authority to both potential customers and Google. As the web becomes increasingly saturated with content (some useful, some not), users have adapted their search behavior. Long-form, conversational quieres are now being used over short, simple phrases for greater accuracy. In response, Google has learnt to provide the most relevant and topic-focused results — regardless of the specific keywords inputted by the user. Churning out keyword-filled, disjointed blog posts isn’t enough. You need to create multiple clusters of content thoroughly addressing a specific topic. You’ll rank higher and outperform websites with fewer, less in-depth blog posts. 90% of consumers prefer buying from companies who establish themselves as experts through their content.

Creating topic-focused content

Content clusters should center around a pillar page which is relevant to a product or service you sell. It should be an umbrella topic you can then branch out from to explore related cluster topics in-depth. So, for example, if your business provides in-home care for Alzheimer’s patients in Huntsville, your pillar topic should broadly cover all aspects of in-home care for Alzheimer’s patients. You can then devise detailed cluster topics: paying for Alzheimer’s care, home care vs. nursing care, and diet for Alzheimer’s patients. Your cluster pages should each contain a link back to your pillar page in order to create a cohesive, organized cluster model, Global Resources Reviews LLC advises. Readers will therefore click-through and read your other related content. Moreover, when one article ranks well, every interlinked page will, too. You may even achieve multiple SERP positions for a single keyword.

Bottom line for Huntsville businesses

Content clustering is the next evolution of SEO. While you no longer need to worry about keyword optimizing all your content, don’t forget about it altogether. Keep on incorporating keywords in your headings and subheadings to further boost your SERP ranking. Ultimately, a content cluster strategy will solidify your industry authority, boost your SEO ranking, and generate leads to turn into customers.