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Choosing the Best E-commerce Package

In today’s world where individuals would opt to purchase the necessary products and services that they need online, it can be a highly lucrative to venture in an online business.

Along with the increasing demand for e-commerce based platform, there are different packages to choose from. If you want to start your own online businesses, you have to take into consideration several factors. You should get the best bundle and deal that can help you succeed in your online business venture.

Software as a Service

One of the best e-commerce solutions for you is the hosted e-commerce solution. This is highly recommended especially for those who are just starting in the business.

To create an e-commerce based website for the first time, the SaaS will definitely work well for you as you get to have an online shopping cart system as well as a comprehensive product catalogue to make it easier for you to build your brand.

Other features that you can get include the following: product database, shopping cart, shipping options, online payment processing, content management tools and a whole lot more.


If you already have a Wordpress site then the best option is a Woocommerce plugin that integrates nicely with your existing website backend and gives you fantastic options on product layout and paypal option. There are other ecommerce plugins for wordpress found on its plugin directory.

Opencart, Volusion

There are Opencart opensource PHP ecommerce framework that are perfect for building ecommerce sites because the backend / admin includes all the necessary tools for shipping, discounts, credit cards and Paypal integration. Opencart is an awesome option for building ecommerce website that scales (example of website built with Opencart). Volusion, host and provides templates to customers. However, a savvy webmaster can create your unique template and upload into Volusion system. There is a monthly fee to use Volusion's services

Proprietary Ecommerce System

At HUNTSVILLE PR we recognize that some local business prefer a simple backend / admin to upload pictures, set discounts and promote products easily without the need to know HTML or having to click a chain of links to finally get products description and options into a database and published. We create Proprietary ecommerce system that helps our clients easily navigate to product admin pages and make the necessary changes.(here is an example)

Advanced Ecommerce Solutions

The first option might not address all of things and features that you need to give quality and efficient services to your customers and clients. To capture a higher market share, there is a need for you to go for advanced e-commerce solutions. There are added and premium features that you can use to further increase your online revenues.

There are customized features that you can definitely use to your advantage. Among these added features include the following: product database integration, POS and legacy system integration and a whole lot more. As your business further expands, you should opt to have advanced ecommerce solutions.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Once your site is finally launched, the real work starts. You cannot get sales just because your website is already there. There is a need for you to come up with effective online marketing strategies in order for you to attract customers to visit your site and purchase your products/services.

In finding a provider, you need to get a company that can offer a broad range of services. For instance, you might need certain data that you can use for business planning. To increase your site traffic and to get higher sales, you need the following: affiliate marketing programs, social networking tools, search engine marketing, site analytics, etc.