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9 Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

website promotionThere are a host of offline promotional strategies one can use to market a website. Success will depend on the how best one implement those strategies and understanding which promotional tool works best with certain niches or target market. By carefully carrying out these promotional tools one can build an awareness of an online business by advertising to literally thousands of people. 1. Participate in small community events. These small events are always looking for donations and sponsorships. In many cases sponsorship can begin from $10. In exchange they will allow you to put up your company's banner at the event. This is a fantastic way to advertise. 2. Print T shirts with your website address and give to friends and family to wear. Give them out to your customers and associates. Attend community events with your T shirt on. You become a walking billboard. 3. Add bumper stickers on your car with your website on it. Vista Print sometimes gives free stickers and door magnets. Purchase a few and give to friends and family to add to their cars. Through this alone, thousands of people will be expose to your website. Also, Vista Print sometimes have a free yard sign promotion. Get one and place it in your yard. 4. Cross promote with other associates. Provide a percentage of every sale to associates you make a referral. This is a great way to provide incentives to others who are already in your network. 5. Attend community business events, seminars, workshops and conferences within your niche and related business. Bring business cards and brochures to further enhance networking opportunities. 6. Purchase pens printed with your website address and distribute them to associates, clients, friends, family members and acquaintances you meet through networking sessions and business events. Live some at your favorite restaurant, bank, and doctors offices etc.. 7. Get listed in your community chambers of commerce or business center. These businesses are in the business of promoting small local business and they would gladly tell other small business about your services. Also, spread the word about your website in your church or spiritual circles. 8. Write meaningful and relevant articles in your field and try to have your local newspaper publish them. Some newspapers circulation is over 100,000 and these could mean an introduction to a massive audience. 9. Create workshop for aspiring people in your field. Tell others that you are available for free consultation and will give free business presentations upon request. This way you can build yourself as an authority in your field. These methods if properly implemented, taking your target market into consideration, could bear much fruit. The result? An ongoing presence, through word-of-moth and person interaction. What other ways could be used to market a website offline?