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SEO that made Alabama Junkyards dot com #1 on Google

If you have not dabble in the junkyard business then you might want to take another look. With the economy in a blizzard many car owners and auto mechanics are seeking reliable used auto parts which they can get from junk yards for a fraction of the

SEO on how to start a janitorial business for

I had the good fortune to meet Ron Allison, the founder of the National Association of Certified Building Contractors (NACBC). He wanted some search engine optimization SEO work perform on his site. The main purpose of his business is to teach entrep

SEO for local real estate website

Those interested in making a worthy investment should certainly think of investing in property or real estate, an industry which has been flourishing consistently or decades. A lot of properties are bought and sold online too. There is a huge mark

How to Improve Local restaurant Website SEO through reviews

Today when you are dealing with a locally focused business running a restaurant, you have to follow search engine optimization techniques to improve profitability and visibility of the set up online. To become successful in the restaurant business, i

Small Business SEO: How To Get First Page Google Ranking For Small Business Website

According to the SBA the 23 million small businesses in the US create about 75 percent of all new jobs. However, not enough of small business has taken advantage of marketing products on the web. Many small businesses do have a website presence, but

Google Places - How to Include and Optimize Your Local Business Listing in Google Maps

Google Places which was once called Google Local is one of the most useful SEO tool for marketing local businesses online. The results of Google places show up at the top of search results giving any local business registered on Google Places for

How to Improve Website SEO Google Ranking

There are a many website owners and webmasters who tried to optimize their web page for Google search engine ranking but end up giving up after a few attempts. If you are in a competitive market such as web design or real estate it can be difficul

7 ways to Add Security to Your Website

If you have been doing web design or web development work or you just own a website, there comes a time when you may need to block user access to pages with sensitive information such as users phone number, social security numbers and other data clas

Why Hire a Local Web Designer in Huntsville AL

There are many small business in the Huntsville area that have been approached by web design firms outside of the community. After a few months of business they have some serious questions to ask: Why is my website not ranking in Google, Yahoo and

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If you are looking to build a website for your business or you already have a website, but would like to find ways of boosting your Google ranking and to move a bunch of traffic to your site we would be glad to sit down with you to show you some thin