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How to Improve Local restaurant Website SEO through reviews

Today when you are dealing with a locally focused business running a restaurant, you have to follow search engine optimization techniques to improve profitability and visibility of the set up online. To become successful in the restaurant business, if you already have a website, it is very necessary to have a SEO company in the peripheral to support the venture online 24x7. Once the website is search engine optimized, managing orders, clientele across regions and developing insight into the likes and dislikes of the locals is not difficult. Today, it is imperative for every business owner to develop a website and manage it well. restaurant seoThe most important thing is to have your website ranking high on the results page of a search engine through proper search engine optimization. Improved restaurant food service SEO through reviews is the best way of getting your website visible to the niche clientele you wish to target, and remaining in the business in the long run.

Reviews – the deciding factor

One of the best ways for promotion of your business online is to have a site that allows contributions and visibility of reviews. Customers should be able to offer reviews on the restaurant which helps others determine whether the restaurant is offering quality food and services or not. A lot of people are into the habit of checking reviews on different restaurants on the internet before they plan to go out and dine at a particular hot spot. Reviews are many a time a deciding factor in determining whether the restaurant is frequented by large number of customers or not and whether it follows standards sought by the niche client. There are some elements who could give false reviews or fake reviews to tarnish the image of your restaurant. In the hospitality industry, reviews are often a very touchy topic, and there are chances of potential fraud through presentation of a number of fake reviews on your restaurant. Brand image of your restaurant could be hurt in such a process. This makes following some of the most effective and important review SEO strategies to have an effective website. Make sure that your restaurant offers the best of hospitality services, food of high quality and grade, well mannered staff in appealing uniform, etc. It is very important to provide customers with different variations in menu to get some of the best reviews on your restaurant.

Don't Have a Website Use Review Sites for SEO Ranking

There are many restaurant review sites out there. Because word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising, it is important that you monitor review sites to see what your customers are saying. The more positive reviews means the more people are like to post links to your restaurant website, and in turn the higher your web site seo ranking. There are quite a few people who use Yelp reviews for when they hear about a particular Huntsville cuisine or caterer and want to know if it's worth going there based on what they read about others' experiences. Other critic review sites include Chowhound, CitySearch,, and

Ask Happy Customers to Post reviews and increase your seo

One great place to post your reviews is on Google Map or Google Local or Google Places, they all mean basically the same thing. Because many people use Google maps to locate and get directions to their favorite restaurant ask your customers to post reviews on Google Maps. In fact I have noticed that the more reviews you have the more likely your site will sure at the top of Google Places results - which shows up at the very top of local search results. Yahoo local and Bing local are also great sources of traffic. A search for "Huntsville restaurants" gave a Google map first page result with amount of reviews per site. Notice the high number of reviews for each site in the search result - (256) 539-1955 - 28 reviews 801 Franklin - (256) 519-8019 - 42 reviews Cotton Row Restaurant - (256) 773-9024 - 18 reviews Phuket Thai Restaurant & Sushi - (256) 489-1612 - 45 reviews Carrabba's Italian Grill - (256) 288-1333 - 14 reviews Mellow Mushroom - (256) 864-2727 - 35 reviews Ol Heidelberg Cafe - (256) 922-0556 - 60