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Buying Commercial Playground Equipment in Alabama

Playground equipment provides children with an opportunity to keep active, as well as learn life lessons in team work and coordination. Play areas are valuable in creating stronger communities as Alabamians need playgrounds to do something adventurous with their children.

During play time children develop critical skills valuable to their interaction with others.

With occasional playground activity kids improve their agility, balance and overall physical strength; they lose weight and are healthier.

In addition, by interacting with other children, kids develop a great bit of language and reasoning skills, problem solving comprehension and the capability to focus on specific tasks.

Owning to the fact that play improves the overall well being of a child, one will have to select the most suitable commercial playground equipment that are more likely to improve children thinking and interaction habits. In Alabama there are a lot of commercial playground equipment manufacturers. Playtime Playground Equipment is just one of them. The company makes the merry-go-cycle / circle cycle, a better and safer version of the merry go round. It teaches kids team work and coordination. The company makes swings, and slides with the safety and agility of the preschooler or daycare child in mind. It’s deluxe activity center can accommodate up to 20 children at a time. This is a perfect addition for pre-K activities. Its springers, like the jeep springer is great for kids 5 – 12 and up to 5 children can play at a time.

Kids learn from risk and free play which helps them to make critical decisions as they grow older. The Spyer Ryder a see saw that holds up to 4 children help kids make decisions as they move each other up and down the see saw. Evey Alabama pre schools should have one of these.

Selecting the right playground equipment based on cost is also essential. If a school is doing a playground make over, that usually comes from the state, city government, or charitable fundraiser. Budget can be limited. Therefore, parks, day-cares, and school authorities should work with a factory or manufacturer that will work with them given a limited budget. Playtime Playground Equipment will work with schools in the Alabama area, giving free installation and free shipping on all school and daycare playsets and equipment.

Playtime will conduct a consultation to see the appropriate equipment for your children needs based on the age of the children, the location and cost.

Apart from Playtime, there are Dixie Playground, GameTime and other manufacturers in Alabama so that gives schools, day-cares and park & recreation authorities option to choose from.

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