Huntsville City Live Cam


Live traffic on Huntsville roads. This is a new addition to the services that Huntsville City provides

The City of Huntsville has installed the first of a network of cameras planned to be installed along heavily traveled roads in Huntsville. Commuters will be able to view traffic volumes by checking the city's website: and clicking on "LIVE Traffic Cam!". log on to for more information

First Phase of streetscape improvements completed Next phase of project projected to begin this Fall

Huntsville, AL --- Progress on improving the streetscape for downtown can be seen on the Square’s south western corner along the eastern portion of Madison Street. This is the first phase of the downtown streetscape improvement project.

Renovations of existing streetscape on the east side of Madison Street from Southside Square to Constitution Hall Park have been completed. The renovations included a new sidewalk design construction, landscaping, irrigation, lighting and relocation of a traffic signal cabinet. The cost of the project was $113,891. “This is another step in a vibrant downtown for all ages,” Mayor Spencer commented.

"It's important to invest in your downtown. These improvements provide additional lighting and parking which will make accessing the amenities of downtown easier," Mayor Loretta Spencer said. The first phase of renovations included: removing all concrete and brick sidewalk from building to back of curb and replacing it with concrete that has brick double-header edging; installing fescue sod and Zelkova trees; installing irrigation which included bubblers to water tree roots underground; adding Granville lighting fixtures; and relocating a traffic signal cabinet. Rework in part of the alley was also included and a junction box was installed.

A traffic control cabinet on the west side of Madison Street was also relocated. “The next phase of the project will begin in the Fall of this year,” Mayor Spencer continued. “This phase will include the north, south, east and west sides of the Madison County Courthouse. When complete a total of 30 additional parking spaces will be created around the square.” The design elements of the next phase will include concrete brick edging similar to what has been constructed in the first phase.

Granville traditional style lighting will be installed along with benches, trash receptacles and bike racks where appropriate. All brick planters will be removed and the left turn lanes at each corner will be eliminated and the curbs “bumped out” for pedestrian safety. For the first phase of the project, Toneka Dorsey-Lindsay with the city’s Department of Engineering was the project engineer. Mike Donnelly of Civil Solutions was the design consultant. Lee Builders was the general contractor and Greensweep was the landscape sub-contractor.